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Photo Restoration | Picture Restoration

Photo restoration can be described as the practice of restoring a photograph which has been damaged or affected by age. Our Photo Restoration Services provide you with a wide range of services that can restore your old and damaged pictures and reconstruct it to according to your choice. Sometimes it’s the photos that matter the most that are in the worst condition. Maybe it’s a childhood photo of a parent or grandparent that’s been sitting in a box somewhere. Maybe it’s a childhood photo that received a little bit too much love over the years. The good news is that at Clip n Touch we use a number of tools to restore old photos to amazing effect. Our talented staff has many years of experience enhancing and salvaging images of EVERY TYPE. Through fantastic advancements in image enhancement technology we can restore your precious memories to their former glory and in some cases even better than the original. We can even add color to your black and white photos as long as you have more than 50% of the image we will be able to restore it for you For Clip n Touch, this is more than just a job – it is an expression of our creativity and our craftsmanship.